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LoganBritton Professional Services
Our staff specializes in all aspects of software development and consulting services which support the entire development lifecycle. This services include:

Professional Project Management


When Experience Matters

LoganBritton knows that your BI/DW and ETL solutions are some of the most complex and interconnected technologies in your environment. That’s why our Project Managers are hired for their experience; experience not only in the BI/DW world, but also in corporate information technology and business analysis. Only this kind of well-rounded experience can guarantee the success of your implementation.


Understanding Your Business Needs

LoganBritton Project Managers are hired for their business savvy, as well as their IT skills. That means they will understand your specific business requirements and bring you a solution that answers your business needs. A Project Manager who understands why you need the information will do a better job in guiding a team in delivering the right information users.


Diverse Skill Sets

Because BI/DW solutions touch most of the specialties in your IT environment, LoganBritton Project Managers must be a special breed. Poll our Project Managers and you will find that they are experienced in the delivery of solutions across all of the major technical specialties – like software development, infrastructure architecture, server design, network engineering, messaging, and database management. Plus, they have delivered successful projects for clients in multiple industries, bringing experience from which you can benefit. Only someone with a well-rounded background of this caliber can efficiently guide your BI implementation through the potential risks and roadblocks that every complex project can suffer.


Data-Source Savvy
LoganBritton Project Managers have pulled data from an incredible diversity of data sources and back-ends. Their experience with finding the appropriate resources to develop and configure ETL solutions that fit unique environment – like yours – will save you time and money, delivering you a successful solution, on time and on budget.


Business Intelligence Operatives

LoganBritton Project Mangers drive BI/DW projects with one thing in mind – how your people plan to use the data after delivery. This means that our solutions are built not only to give your people what they need right now, but also to provide them with the ability to adjust to their changing business environment. To us this means that knowledge transfer and training are key to any successful implementation.


Project Management Institute Methodologies

Another selection criteria for our Project Managers are their soft skills. Consistency in communications, planning and leadership skills are a necessity. For that reason, Project Management Institute Methodologies are essential with LoganBritton Project Managers. Plus, we are well versed in CMM, Six Sigma, SDLC and other popular management techniques so that we can adapt our methodologies to fit your management style.

Ensure the success of your project – Use LoganBritton Professional Project Management.


Technical Assessments


LoganBritton offers technical assessments in multiple disciplines including:

Assessment Delivery

Each assessment approach comprises three stages, completed over a 2-6 weeks, culminating in an outcome – a “best of breed” strategic architecture and technology road map – that is immediately actionable and will provide direct and identifiable benefits that ensure overall data confidence.


Across three assessment stages the topics addressed will include current state discovery, future state vision, gap analysis, and identification of immediate opportunities and triage of critical challenges. Where possible, the focus will simultaneously address satisfaction of short-term needs while ensuring long-term optimization of the system architectural requirements


Stage 1: Current-State Discovery.
The first stage of the assessment is a rapid discovery and research undertaking. In order to accurately and effectively generate the assessment, the existing business and technical environment needs to be thoroughly understood by the LoganBritton team. This includes an understanding of the existing environment, the business value, and the methods and approaches employed.


Stage 2: Future State Analysis
The second stage involves the development of an understanding of the business and technical future needs or requirements. Whereas the focus of the first stage is on currently existing functionality, this stage’s focus is on the desired future state, looking to answer the question, “where do we want to be?”


Stage 3: Architecture Recommendation, Roadmap Development
The final stage of the assessment will shift focus from the “what” to the “how.” The current business, technical and organizational findings will be analyzed and synthesized with the future vision / future state business, technical and organizational requirements, forming the basis for the solution architecture.


LoganBritton’s approach takes advantage of the strengths of top-down strategic thinking using the Data Confidence Foundation as a basis, coupled with bottom-up development approach.



Gap analysis will be performed during the final stage where the architecture and approach will be defined. Business benefit and need, complexity, growth, volume, performance considerations, governance, quality, task duration and cost of each component will be considered in the analysis as well as the creation of the prioritized implementation list.


As the assessment completion, creation of the return on investment analysis based on expected period value and costs will become possible. In many cases a ROI will be developed at a macro level, identifying the major cost categories and expected returns to the company based on metrics provided.


Specialized Technical Consulting

LoganBritton has been providing specialized consulting services in the technical and functional aspects of the multi-tier client-server for the last 28 years, . We have more than 60 consultants who are subject matter experts and have a thorough knowledge of the software development Life Cycle. Be it a client-server environment or a web, or a e-commerce environment, we have the right people to fulfill any needs you may have. In addition to these services, we also provide consulting services in specialized solutions such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle application suites, Siebel, and various other ERP, MDS, CRM products.


System Administration Services

Vigilance. It's what your IT environment requires every day. But, if you don't have the right people to maintain your network and systems 24x7, then you could be at risk. LoganBritton understands what businesses are up against and that's why we offer System Administration Consulting Services. We will work with you and your organization to develop an effective strategy for monitoring and administering your mission critical systems whether they be Windows NT/2000 or Unix based servers.  We will formulate a plan that meets your business requirements to ensure that your mission critical servers are operating at their highest capabilities and are protected from unplanned system 'down-time'. LoganBritton has more than 20 consultants in Unix, Linux, SUN, and Windows administration. All of our consultants are subject matter expert and are highly qualified to take on any administration challenge.


Database Administration Services

LoganBritton provides general database consulting services for the all of  major database vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. These consulting services include logical and physical database design, database administration, database tuning, application design/development and web enablement. Our certified professionals ensure that our clients get maximum value for their investment. Our consultants will work with you to develop an effective database administration strategy based on your business requirements.  We can structure our database support on a full-time, part-time, or on an 'as-needed' basis depending on your business requirements.


Database Server and Application Tuning

A data integration infrastructure is made up of several key components, each of which must be tuned for maximum performance. This includes the source, target and repository databases as well as the database server, repository server and ETL server and associated disk arrays.


LoganBritton is equipped with a proven testing methodology and database tuning automation best practices that will help to resolve the many issues associated with the relational database management system (RDBMS) and operating system kernel parameters. System administrators will also benefit from this service, learning the many techniques used in tuning all of the components which make up the data integration environment.

These include:
• gather statistics on slow or inefficient database queries
• determine the proper size of connection pools to support SQL requests
• establishing the best configuration sizes for data and procedure caches

• determine the most efficient auditing scheme to prevent deadlocks

• validate the correct indexing strategy such as clustered versus non-clustered indexes


Server Tuning

Analyzing critical resources

File system and disk tuning

Disk partitioning and RAID

Memory consumption and swap space

System resource monitoring


Application Tuning

Data mapping methods and efficiencies

SQL override tuning

Session memory allocation

Session partitioning strategy

Database indexing strategy

Database settings and configuration

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Professional Consulting Services


Professional Project Management


Technical Assessments


Specialized Technical Consulting


System Administration Services


Database Administration Services

Database Server and Application Tuning



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