It is not a solution if your users don’t have confidence in the data


At LoganBritton we deliver Solutions. We specialize in the development and deployment of Data Warehouse and Enterprise Data Integration solutions. Whether you are restructuring your Enterprise Data Integration platform, implementing a Master Data Management plan or are implementing a new Data Warehouse solution, we offer extensive professional consulting services and a full range of related solutions and services.



LoganBritton Provides a Solid and Sensible Approach

You can benefit from our experience gained from having delivered hundreds of complex data warehouse and intensive data integration solutions. Our teams include architects, designers, consultants, project managers, and subject matter experts who are all highly skilled in implementing successful enterprise data warehouse solutions.



Enterprise Data Integration

A successful Data Warehouse starts with a plan for data integration. LoganBritton's Enterprise Data Integration service covers a wide range of technologies including ETL, EAI, and MDM for starters. In most cases, to achieve true enterprise data integration, these technologies must cooperate with each other to provide the desired results. A successful Data Warehouse must be built upon a carefully architected data integration infrastructure. At LoganBritton, we have experience designing enterprise-wide data integration architecture solutions that can start small, show an immediate return on investment, and continue to grow as the needs and complexity of your requirements expand.



Data Warehousing Services

Whether you are building a new Data Warehouse, or re-architecting and consolidating your existing data stores, LoganBritton offers a full spectrum of Data Warehousing Solutions and Services that span technology, tools, platforms and methodologies. The goal of your enterprise data warehouse is to create a definitive version of you organization's business data or 'a single version of the truth', and give your users complete confidence in that data. .


Our comprehensive Data Warehouse project includes the following:

Business Intelligence Services
LoganBritton’s BI Development services practice can design, construct and implement a complete Business Intelligence solution or a Data Warehousing solution. The service delivery begins with a requirement analysis phase and completes with the implementation of the BI/DW solution as per the requirements. The services can be configured to deliver a specific component, such as Data Modeling or ETL, of an entire Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing solution.


LoganBritton is committed to continuous development of quality Business Intelligence solutions that maximize client benefits. Key services offered include:


The Challenge of Measuring Business Value
The data warehouse can deliver substantial benefits, both tangible and intangible. A project should not begin without the expectations of these benefits. Measuring them is a challenge, but there are best practices being used by leading practitioners from which others can learn. Data warehouse benefits take the form of cost savings through increased operational efficiency and reporting consolidation, as well as business improvements such as:

Measuring intangible benefits is far more difficult and while the metrics are illusive, they are nonetheless important and real. These intangibles include:

Data Warehousing


The LoganBritton Approach


Enterprise Data Integration


Data Warehousing Services


Business Intelligence Services


Measuring Business Value